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I would like to create a page filled with family stories and biographies written by members of the family. Please e-mail me with any submissions or questions.

Family pages

Anton Miller (1876 Boulaide, Lux. - 1936 Chgo, IL)

Clemens Ott (1857 Kell, Germany - 1926 Kniman, IN)


(until this is updated see my old site for specific family info)

Research Links

Boulaide Mill:  Jim Heckenbach's interesting history of a mill and its families in Luxembourg


Daubenfeld Home: Homepage of friend and Luxembourgish immigration researcher.


Dave Hein has an interesting page on Horsch genealogy


Note I am doing research on several families not related to the ones on the page. Their info is coming soon.


Introducing the Online Family Museum



Nothing is as personal in history as the field of genealogy, which offers researchers direct answers to one of history's most eternal questions: "Where did we come from?"

The field is a valuable place for students to learn research skills, as well as social history. The bland trends and postulates of academic history come to life as one follows a family in its course throughout time.  History becomes real and pressing when it is so personal. Such research, if guided properly, I feel could  work wonders in our nation's social studies departments in schools.

But that is all beside the point. this website is dedicated to the work I have done so far with my family. For those with similar backgrounds, it may be quite helpful or at least of passing interest.

I hope that people would share with me their insights on the stories told here. It is hard to digest all the cold facts such research throws your way so if you anything about any of the people mentioned or any of the places, please e-mail me.

I also would like to note that this reflects a mere portion of the work I have done, which is all cited and backed up by archival records. If you would like to see any of this work, please e-mail me with questions.


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  This sort of research depends on the cooperation of many people. If you have a request for GEDCOM files or would like to share one of yours, or if you have any private questions, please e-mail me.

Databases & trees

Online Family Tree:  a clickable online family tree detailing research on my own family. Updated 10/7/13


Surname List:  includes all families in my core area of research. Updated 10/7/13.

Image galleries

Ott & Kalb Album: featuring photos of the Ott & Kalb family of Indiana and Chicago   updated 3/19/08

Anton Miller Album: featuring photos of the A. Miller family of Boulaide, Lux., and Chicago    updated 4/25/09

Maxwell & Edgerle Album: featuring photos of the E.D. Maxwell family of Chicago    new  4/25/09

Lux to Chicago Documents: featuring scans of documents pertaining to the tight-knit families of Rosehill    updated 2/11/06

Ott Documents: scans of documents relating the story of the Clemens Ott family    updated 2/11/06

Family stories

Ott Chapter  A chapter written chronicling the Ott family's move to America



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